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Why are you yelling? It's a small website.

The Kickstarter for my second novel, LIFE in the 23rd Century, is now live. At the writing of this I am 25% to my goal with 40+ days to go. I am excited. I have never done this before, so some of my techniques are in need of refinement if you're generous, ham-fisted if you're otherwise.

The Kickstarter reward for you, my fine-feathered fiends, is my dystopian science fiction novel, LIFE in the 23rd Century. It's as if 1984 were updated for modern times by Monty Python. It's not as dark as Brazil and not as absurd as the Ministry of Silly Walks. There are previous blog posts dealing with this.

The Kickstarter reward for me, your faithful correspondent, is that if funded, I will be starting my own publishing company. There's a (tentative) timeline for the company and it goes like this.

1. LIFE in the 23rd Century published.

2. Mating Rituals of Migratory Humans (my first novel) will be re-released under my banner with chapters that were cut from the original manuscript which means the new cover will have the word "unexpurgated" on it

3. The long awaited sequel to Mating Rituals of Migratory Humans -- G.E.F.S -- will be released.

There's other novels in the works, but those are the three most exciting things.

None of this happens if I don't get funded on Kickstarter. You can't gloss over the Kickstarter and tell me "Well, just tell me when the book is available and I'll order it from Amazon." The book WILL NOT be available unless the Kickstarter is successful.

So, go check out my Kickstarter. (The video my friend Gary made for me is amazing.)

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